Climbing Resoles is a shoe restoration company based in Canberra. We use only the best and latest presses to provide you with a quality resole. To ensure quality, we use climbing shoe lasts (specific moulds for rock climbing shoes) to maintain the structure of your shoe and use high strength glues for the bonding process. Our range of rubbers are constantly expanding, so please check in with us regularly or with your Agent to see what’s new. We aim to provide you with a quality resole with a fast turnaround time.

We have partnered with climbing gyms and retailers across Australia to reduce shipping costs and to make it more convenient for climbers to get their climbing shoes resoled. Shipping cost $6 each way through a partner gym or retailer (some may also charge a handling fee).

The resoling journey started for Tyron (the business owner) in 2013 when he started resoling shoes for himself and a few friends. After a few years of perfecting the process and acquiring the latest equipment, he decided to give it a go as a career. Climbing Resoles was launched in early 2017 and since then we have resoled thousands of shoes

We are sure you will love your resole but if for some reason you are not fully satisfied, feel free to contact us on climbingresolesaustralia@gmail.com or by calling Tyron on 0426 252 715.

Interested in becoming an Agent/Partner?

Being an Agent with Climbing Resoles has a number of benefits for your climbing gym and your local climbing community. For more information about becoming an Agent please contact Tyron on tyron@climbingresoles.com.au for more information.